Entries by Vasilios (Bill) Mavropoulos

Month 5 – Ruminations and Soul Searching

Advisors are like cave people. They are simple creatures. They are either protectors or hunters. The problem is that, much like at the dawn of civilisation, old cave people are considered more successful. After all, they have been around for longer. This is a bit of truism, they have been around longer, so people trust […]

Month 4 – A Rising Tide

This month I thought I would take some time to talk about my experience. This story spans more than a decade and follows my unconventional path in the accounting industry. I spent my early years as a humble business services accountant in a reputable Melbourne Mid-Tier firm. I then moved to a role as a […]

Month 3 – Battles v Wars

I read something this month that really resonated with me. It was a story about a CEO who had recently retired. After retiring, he attended his firm’s annual conference to speak to his old firm. In the article, he recounted the treatment he was afforded whilst he was the CEO of his company at the […]

Month 2 – Looking in the Mirror

The dynamo that is VT Advisory has powered through its second month of existence. Tom and I took away yet more lessons this month which I reflect on as I complete my personal tax agent renewal (joy). This month the excitement of commencing practice has abated enough for me to reflect on what I have […]

The opportunity – Tax Controversy

The tax profession is continuing to evolve, and new tax laws are released on an almost daily basis. Practitioners could almost be forgiven for missing releases from the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board (the Board). The latest revision of the tax services standard is a good opportunity to consider not only this standard as […]