Patent Box Submission to Treasury

Bill, Bonnie and I submitted the attached paper to Treasury in response to their discussion paper on the Patent Box.


Whilst we consider this is a great initiative by Treasury, we believe there are key considerations missing from the current discussion, including:


  • The mismatch in the proposed corporate tax floor of 15% agreed by 90% of OECD nations vs. the proposed 17% Patent Box rate; and
  • The start-up “journey” and how each stage is currently supported by Government policy (and where further support would be well received)


We’re privileged to support so many great Australian businesses in this space and are passionate about further strengthening the Australian start-up community. With this particular submission we’d like to acknowledge the support of;


  • Cameron McKenzie of ASPIRE
  • Daniel Prohasky and Warren Rudd of Curvecrete
  • Paddy Hassall of Fresh'n
  • Chris Bartlett of Smart Studio
  • Bob Biddle of Sonoa Health

Source: VT Advisory - Patent Box Submission (Final)