Happy New Year

We would like to announce the start of our new Chartered Accounting firm VT Advisory. This is a new professional services firm founded by myself and Thomas Michael Palmieri.

This firm aims to be ‘the difference’ to its clients to ensure their success in business and in life. Our vision is to live and breathe integrity and to guide our clients to make the right decisions to take them to the next level. Our mission to support this vision is to provide the best quality professional services in the market.

I recall on commencing my career an older practitioner saying to me:

“We do not have customers. We have clients. We do not do jobs. We perform engagements.”

This mindset has always stuck with me and is something that I personally will try to live by when providing professional services to the clients of VT Advisory. I think these few lines truly lived by a practitioner not only provide that practitioner with a sense of purpose but also mean we put the needs of our clients before our own.

I have spoken and written extensively on the coming automation of large parts of professional services practices. This automation is now here. It is only fitting, given the unprecedented opportunity automation represents, that Thomas and I commence practice now. We look forward to advising clients and having closer relationships with them in this new and challenging environment.

I am very proud to call Thomas my partner in this venture. Thomas has skills that are very different to my own (I remind him frequently of this fact and my envy of these skills). This means we naturally complement each other in terms of the intellectual property we both can leverage on behalf of our clients. However, this is not why I am happy about this partnership. The real reason is that he is the embodiment of professionalism and character that is our shared vision. He makes me a better practitioner because I try to live up to the lofty standards he sets and those that I impose upon myself.

Finally, we have to acknowledge our numerous stakeholders past and present. Our professional lives do not exist in a vacuum. Our success is founded upon the strength of our relationships with other like-minded professionals and service providers. These people have helped us along the way and will partner with us going forward. Thank you all.

Happy New Year!