Our First Month

VT Advisory has faced massive challenges but also had some great wins in its first month. I wanted to try to document the firm’s development from its inception to establish itself as the best professional services firm in the world.

The lows

We had the usual worries around setting up of systems, establishment of workflow and worries around cashflow. We also had to deal with challenging and disruptive people and curve balls from having our rental premises fall through to dealing with some difficult finance partners. I am so used to advising clients on how to strategise and tactically deal with situations, I found it refreshing that sometimes just having the grit to push through difficulties also works!

The highs

We had a literal flood of new referrals from our network of friends and professional colleagues that put trust in us. Me being the emotional person I am, I was so very grateful to these people. I was also pleased that we had a number of client wins that I obviously cannot disclose because of client confidentiality. This high bar of focus and energy will be our priority to meet and exceed in coming months.

Who we are

I did not refer to the forming of an accounting firm very purposefully. This is because, while both Tom and I have subject matter expertise and depth in accounting skill, we have complementary skills that leverage off this foundation to extrapolate the value of our insights for our clients beyond that possible for traditional accounting firms. This leverage gives clients the ability to confidently address the many uncertainties inherent in business.

Tom’s training and work in information technology and systems architecture allows us to automate and systemise not just our client’s finance functions but their entire business. A naturally inquisitive mind coupled with razor sharp analytical skills mean the ability to streamline operations, develop smarter business systems and best of breed processes is well and truly within his wheelhouse. These systems iteratively improve as the business matures because of the feedback loops Tom implements from the first day of service. The cost savings being measured by orders of magnitude rather than percentages.

Then there is my formidable domestic and international tax technical skills formed from years as a tax technical writer and researcher. These skills mean that purpose built strategies traditionally only available to large listed entities and larger corporates can now be implemented by start-ups and agile small business secure in the knowledge that the strategy comes with a practitioner who is regarded as second to none at deciphering the fiendish administrative law in this area to deal with tax controversy effectively and at lowest cost mitigating the risk of considering these strategies.

Our clients cannot help but grow into the next generation of established players. They will be the next Facebooks and Googles of the world because they have ‘the difference’. See what I did there?